AVN Solutions LLC

Since its inception in 2008, AVN Solutions has always earned all its business through referrals. We are able to do this because we are a great partner and great service provider. We make a point to truly understand our clients’ needs, including budget and audience and offer the best solution for their personal business plans. After installation, we follow up to ensure that the client is happy with their purchase and there are no lingering questions or issues. This no-stress, high-quality service is why we don’t need to advertise.

This philosophy and methodology are what the company was founded upon and why it originated. Often in this industry, businesses purchase the products, only to find out later that they are restricted to working with that company if any future work is needed. That company could go out of business or move, leaving you in a lurch; and other companies won’t touch their products, forcing you to purchase a whole new system.

That is the predicament I saw myself in when I was a small retail business owner. And I wasn’t the only one: many other friends and colleagues faced the same challenge. Instead of chasing the cycle, I applied the knowledge from my degree in as an airplane mechanic, decades of hands-on experience, and additional research to solve the problem first-hand. As my skills developed, I was recruited by other business owners to help them; and through the process, I grew a new passion. In 2008, I decided to close my shop and open a new business called AVN Solutions. Our web of happy customers grows every day.

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